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Henan Zanmiao Engineering Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. specializes in developing of ultrasonic technology and automation equipment.As a professional paper cutting machine supplier, we have professional technology developing team and have plenty of practical experience many years “integration and ingenuity” is our core concept. We provide the labor-saving and stable automatic equipment for our customers through our professional technology and unremitting efforts. We have been adhering to the needs of users as the core since company ...



why choose us

  • The Pass Rate Is As High As 99%

    High product qualification rate, avoiding waste of labor and raw materials.

  • High Degree Of Automation

    Automatic Feeding, Self-cutting And Welding, Automatic Counting. The Whole Process Of Automated Production Has Saved A Lot Of Labor For The Enterprise And Has A High Degree Of Automation.

  • Equipment Of Good Quality

    The Whole Machine Adopts Aluminum Alloy Structure, Which Is Beautiful And Solid Without Rust. The Accessories Are Selected From The First-line Accessory Brands, Which Has Strong Stability.

  • Fully Automated, Programmatic, Digital

    The Entire Line of Equipment is Seamlessly Connected Without Manual Contact with Materials; Computerized Control Across the Entire Line; Digital Display of Key Processes and Operating Parameters, Clearly Accurate.

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