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Model ZM-1100 A4 High Precision Crosscutting Machine

Jul 24, 2020

Henan Zanmiao Engineering Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in the production of A4 cross-cutting machines. The series of A4 paper cutters manufactured by it are sold well both at domestic and abroad. Today we specifically introduce the simple-cut A4 office paper cross-cutting machine in the Zanmiao Machinery cross-cutting machine.

ZM-1100 A4/A3 high-precision cross-cutting machine is the simplest cross-cutting machine of Zanmiao Machinery. Its design features are:

  1. It adopts servo motor to feed fixed length and high cutting precision.
  2. The circular knife is used for slitting, and the base paper can be cut to A4/A3 specifications.
  3. Wire feeding, no material blocking.
  4. Using the Japanese Panasonic PLC system, the meter and diameter can be set to stop and automatically alarm.

This cross-cutting machine can be customized for roll paper, film materials, non-woven fabrics, etc.


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