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Automatic Packaging Machine Model No.:ZM-450T

Technical Parameters

Quality assurance-Packing Machine Manufacturer China Brand Top 1

Model No.ZM-450T

Automatic packaging speed: 0-50 packs / min (speed is determined according to the size and length of the package)

Maximum package size: L: ∞ mm, H <180mm

Maximum packaging size W: ≤450mm

Power supply: 380V 50Hz

Air source: ≥ 5.5kg / ㎡

Power (kw): 3KW

Mechanical size: 1860 × 1580 × 1650mm

Adaptation material: “POF”


Motor: SKG

Sensory switch: OMRON Roller: steel roller

Hole punch: adjustable pinhole size

Cylinder: Airtac

Detection photoelectric: Bonner

Slide track: THK

Heat source: stainless steel heating tube


Sealing knife: anti-sticking and high temperature resistant steel knife

Temperature control: OMRON

Conveyor belt: West Green

Servo motor: Taiwan Shilin

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