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Corrugated Hard Box Automatic Packaging Machine

Basic Information

Corrugated Hard Box Automatic Packaging Machine is suitable to make various types of rigid boxes for mass production, such as mobile phone boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, watch boxes, slanting boxes, slip case boxes (option), clam shell box (option) etc. Machine’s appearance is new design which is safer and more beautiful.

The machine adopts PLC and man-machine control, camera tracing system, and can automatically feed cover paper , feed greybeard, tape four corners, spot greyboard, lift box, wrap box, fold corner edges and form box.The feeder, the gluer and the conveyor are driven by well known servos which have continuously variable transmission, and enjoys high accuracy, easy adjusting, and less time consumption. The spot unit adopts Germany camera with 10 million pixel and spotting accuracy to ±0.05mm. The forming, unit employs Japan THK linear slider and virtual cam driving system,guaranteeing the stable quality and fluent movement and enlarge the folding-in depth and corner edges.

Features and function

1. Suit to all kinds of rigid boxes in mass production;

2. Computer control for auto mould changing(optional);

3. Auto error stop and display;

4. Automatically feed paper and greyboard;

5. 24-hours control for glue pre-heating;

6. Wrapper can input 300 product formulas;

7. Automatically cut and heat tape to paste the greyboard box’s quad stayer (four corners), with independent man-machine control;

8. Adopt YASKAWA servo and PLC control;

9. Spotter by camera tracing system and SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) (spotting inaccuracy +0.05mm);

10. Wrapper can automatically and continually lift box, wrap paper, fold corner edge, fold in and form box;

11. Automatic control system for glue viscosity (optional);

12. Remodel the Corner Pasting Unit into Board Assembling Unit (optional);

13. Suit to long paper corner edge box production;

14. Hot glue as standard and cold glue as optional;

15. Suit to 300gsm grooved paper production.

Details information

(1)Suction unit 


①servo-motor drive (Japanese Yaskawa)

②Paper-feed-in overturn function

③Big diameter pneumatic vacuum control valves

④The rubber pressure roller for the feeding-in paper

⑤Antistatic platform for paper

⑥ The automatic lifting function for feeding stack

⑦Feeding stack auto stop when top paper in position

⑧Network servo-motor drive (Japanese Yaskawa)

⑨The adjusting device for glue thickness

⑩Automatic lubricating system

(2) Spotter unit


①Automatic adjusting size with high-accuracy lead-screw

②SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) for spotting the greyboard box

③camera tracing system

④Synchronization moving device of spotter device and corner pasting device

(3)  Corner pasting unit


①Automatic set the length of tape

②Independent Four angels heating and control system

③Virtual cam servo driving sysyem

④Four angels CAM pressing device

⑤Non-stop materials-added device

⑥Stack with auto greyboard renewing function

⑦Quick-mould-change device

⑧Independent paper-sending device with feeder

⑨Synchronization work with main machine

⑩Synchronization moving device with corner pasting device and positioning device

(4) Wrapper unit

①Automatic adjusting size with high-accuracy lead-screw

②Virtual cam servo driving system

③Alarm device for colliding

④Safety clutch device

⑤Lift the box by holding the four corners

⑥Scratch resistant for the paper

Technical characteristics

Model HM-ZD6418G
Greyboard Size

D=Length, C=Width

C(Max.) 580mm
C(Min) 74mm
D(Max.) 820mm
D(Min) 124mm
Thickness T 1-3mm
Paper Size

B=Length, A=Width

A(Max.) 610mm
A(Min.) 95mm
B(Max.) 850mm
B(Min.) 180mm
Thickness 80-300gsm
Paper Corner Edge E(Max.) 125mm
E(Min) 10mm
Finished Box Size L(Max.) 600mm
L(Min.) 100mm
W(Max.) 400mm
W(Min.) 50mm
H(Max.) 130mm
H(Min.) 12mm
Folding-in Depth Folding-in Size R 15-100mm
Speed ≤30pcs/min
Power/Voltage 26kW/AC380V
Net Weight 6500kg
Machine Dimension 6800 x 4500 x 3300mm


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