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Fully Auto A4/A3 Paper Cutting Machine Production Line

This machine suitable for a lot of paper, A5/A4/A3 paper&film laminated etc best jumbo roll cutting machine.

Cutting Length :A4/A3
Paper GSM: 70-120g
Machine Speed:50-200times/min

Main Technical Parameters

Model HQJ-1400(4 reels)
Max.Diameter of Unwinding φ1400mm
Max. Cutting Width 1100mm
Cutting Length A4/A3(297*210mm,297*420mm)
Machine Speed 50-200times/min
Put (slitting)speed 80-140 times/min
Paper GSM 70-120g
Cutting Precision ±0.2mm
Ream Height(mm) 500pcs
Total Power 16kw
Machine Weight 7200kg
Compressed air(Mpa) 0.6-0.8Mpa

Machine configuration

Unwinding Unit: (customers can choose the air shaft and shaftness,shaftness is easy to work.)

1)  Control way:through PLC tape control way(PanasonicJapan)

2)  Unwinding use shaftness 3-6#(foursets)

3)  Driver roller use aluminum roller, through static balanced aluminum alloy guideroller

4)  Base material position can be

5)  Automatic shaftness loading equipment structuresystem

6)  Unwinding use photocell control edge position control system(foursets)



Main electrical equipment

(number) (name) (brand)
1 ( PLC modular) (Japan Panasonic
2 PLC (Japan Panasonic
3 (Touch Screen) (China Taiwan WeinView)
4 (The main traction motor) (China Shanghai 1.5KW)
5 (Feed motor) ( Japan,YASKAWA 4.0KW)
6 (frequency convertor) Japan,YASKAWA 4.0KW
7 (Tension System) (automatic tension)

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