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Full-automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine Model No.TQC-650B


Plastic cup thermoforming machine is our lasted developed product, Sheet feeding and stretching part are driven by servo motor. Machine produces disposable products, such as plastic cup, bowl, lid, and box through the workflow of sheet feeding, sheet heating, forming, cutting and blowing, widely used and suitable for most of the customer requested. PLC for program, manual interface for operation, stable, low noise, and high efficiency.



Model TQC-650B
Max. Forming Area   650*300mm
Max. Forming Depth   125mm
Sheet Thickness   0.3-1.8mm
Sheet Width   650mm
Max. Forming Speed   35 times/min
Air Pressure   0.6-0.8mpa
Air Consumption   2.0m³/min
Water Consumption   0.5m³/h
Rated Power 98Kw
Used Power 69Kw
 Power Supply   AC 380V,50Hz, Three-phase, Four-wire
Dimension L8500*W2200*H2700mm
Weight About 5T


Touch Screen/PLC SIEMENS (Germany)
Servo Motor YASKAWA (Japan)
AC Contactor/Circuit Breaker SCHNEIDER (France)
Proximity Switch ROCKWELL (USA)
Solenoid Directional Valve/solenoid overflowing valve/counterbalance valve YUKEN (Taiwan)
Intermediate relay IDEC (Japan)
Intermediate relay base OMRON (Japan)
Forming Valve CKD (Japan)
Solenoid Valve SMC (Japan) / Mindman (Taiwan)

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