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An excellent Jumbo Roll Transformer into printer/copy paper, craft paper as well as packaging industry like aluminum foil, PVC and film-laminated paper.

Single-Jumbo-Roll Paper Sheeter Cutting Machine

Tech Table

Max. Rewinding Diameter φ1400mm
Max. Cutting Width 1100mm
Cutting Length 200-400mm
Machine Speed 30-200times/min
Put (slitting)speed 30-160 times/min
Paper GSM 30-120g
Cutting Precision ±0.2mm
Ream Height(mm) 500pcs
Total Power Approx. 10kw
Machine Weight 4000kg
Compressor (Mpa) 0.6-0.8Mpa(on customer’s own responsibility)
3KW compressor at least is required on each machine(higher capacity, better).
Main power source 380V/50HZ,3phase 4 wires
Machine Measurement(L*W*H) 5500×1800×1800(mm)

Machine Configuration

  • Rewinding with or w/o air shaft (optional)
  • Panasonic PLC Taper System
  • 3-inch air shaft(or optional) during rewinding
  • Aluminum alloy guide roller, dynamically balanced, adjustable
  • Auto shaft feeder system
  • Photocell EPC(Edge Positioning Control) during rewinding
  • Auto conveying Belt and Pneumatic baffle
  • Conveyor motor featuring 0.75KW Frequency Conversion Synchronous Control

Main Electrical Equipment

PLC modular Panasonic
PLC Panasonic
Touch Screen China Taiwan WeinView
The main motor China Shanghai 1.5KW
Feeder motor 3KW China 3.0KW
Frequency convertor SINEE 3.0KW
Tension System Auto tension
EPC Ultrasonic correction
Pneumatic components Mindman
Crosscut knife China HSS (two sites)
Slitting knife China 7 sites)
Fan China 3kw
Trigger Schneider
Relay Schneider
Switch knob Schneider
Proximity switch OMRON
Bearing China
Conveyor China
Alarm China
Linear orbit China Taiwan  Shangyin
Synchronous Belt American Gates, Made in China
Magnetic powder) China Yanxin,1set
Color code(optional) Germany Leuze

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