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High Speed Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine-Model 3000

Main features:
Fully automatic double emboss rewinder to achieve excellent emboss effect on both sides, tissue after emboss will not get loose, most suitable for hand towel the paper weight could be reduced by 15% or more.

Machine are design for paper core rewinding and coreless rewinding instant switch over device ,or according to customer's requirement .

Unwind stand jumbo reels are pneumatic unwinding with manually paper tension adjustment unit and lateral adjusting unit for each jumbo rolls ,thus allows even tension while rewinding .

Machine Configuration

• Jumbo roll: 3000 mm width max toilet paper processing

• Finish Roll Diameter: Φ70-φ135mm

• Finish Roll Core Diameter: φ32-φ50mm

• Jumbo roll diameter: max 1300mm

• Jumbo roll core dia.: 76.2mm

• Perforation distance: 120mm ( pls specify when making machine )

• Speed: 160-260m/min

PLC and Frequency Inverter with 1-4 jumbo roll stands ( pls specify )

• Pneumatic System: 3HP Air Compressor, the pressure is 5kg/m³at least

• Motor Power:7.5-18 KW according to the model and configuration frequency control

• Voltage: 380V, 3phase

• Dimension: according to the machine model and type

• Weight: according to the machine model and type

• Capacity: 2T/8hours, 4T/8 hours

• Rolling unit: coreless

• Embossed pattern: single embossed pattern, double embossed pattern or steel to steel ( customized )

• Edge embossed pattern: steel to steel ( customized )

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