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Automatic Middle Speed Paper Cup Making Machine

Paper Cup Machine

Speed: 80 PCS/minute

Material: One or Two side PE coated paper

Paper: 180~350gsm

Size: 3~16oz

Automatic Middle Speed Paper Cup Making Machine

Top: 45~90mm

Bottom: 35~72mm

Height: 40~136mm

Working Power: 4.5KW

Power: 50Hz, 380V 3-phase

Total Weight:2100KG

Size: L2250*W1230*H1950 mm


ZBJ-OC12 Open Cam Paper Cup Machine improved on our hot sale ZBJ-X12 model machine.

Absorb the High speed machine and medium speed machine advantage, more reliable and durable, competitive price.

Main improved: 

  • Adopt Open Cam(8-divide) for the dividing moving, compare with index gear box, easy maintenance, stable and reliable, easy replace broken parts.
  • Main mechanism and movement control by quality gears, which is more efficient than chain and axis.
  • Only ONE main turntable, more efficient and reliable.
  • Bottom disk straight punched and send to the cup body , less wastage and precision.
  • Robot straight lift the cup body to main mold.
  • Servo motor control the bottom disk, precision and reliable.
  • Working power only 3.5KW, save power cost.
  • Automatic Oil Lubrication system, long life time.
  • All procedure sensor detect (sensors control all steps), Less wastage & fault, Reliable.
  • HMI & PLC Program computer control, easy operate, fault auto-stop and easy solution.
  • Quality electronic parts, bearing, material, machine life long.
  • With cup stacker/collector, one worker can run 2~3 sets machines.


It makes both one-side or two-side PE-film-coated paper cups after running a whole procedure of automatic Multi-step pre-printed-cup-fan-paper Feeding (Multi-step paper-feed and Anti-back device to keep the accurate position), cup-body-side welding, silicone-oil lubricating(for top curling), robot transfer cup body, bottom-disk punching, bottom pre-heating and pre-folding, main heating, bottom knurling(cool device for 2PE), top curling, cup discharging and collecting.


Technical Parameter

Name: Open Cam   Paper Cup Machine
Model: ZBJ-OC12 Ultrasonic (include one set of user mold )
Paper Cup Size: 3 ~ 16 oz 
Rated Speed: 70~80 PCS/minute, 7oz stable 80pcs/minute

Speed affected by cup size, paper quality & thickness

Raw Material: One-side or Two side PE coated paper
Suitable paper weight: 180~350gsm
Power Source: 50Hz, (380V 3-phase, 50Hz), (Better use 380V 3-phase)

* if User power different? Please INFO US IN ADVANCE.

Total Power: 10KW
Working Power: 4.5 KW
Total Weight: 2100KG
Pack Size (L*W*H) 2250 x 1230 x 1950 mm
Working Air Source: Air pressure:0.4Mpa;  Air Out-put:0.6m³/minute

User should BUY Air Compressor

Cup Side Welding: Ultrasonic
Cup Bottom Heating: Hot Air  (Need Air compressor supply air)

Or Self Hot Air (blower hot air)

Cup Bottom Knurling: Heater Knurling (if use single PE coated paper)

Cool Device (circle water), for double PE coated paper

We Reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.


Automatic Middle Speed Paper Cup Making Machine

Open cam instead of index gear box to divide the steps,

Compare with index gear box:  Open cam


Can be see by sight, Easy maintenance, Easy oil.

Easy replace bearing if have problem.

Shortage: opened, if drop objects or tools maybe damage the cam and bearing.

Oil and clean is important.

Automatic Middle Speed Paper Cup Making Machine

PLC and program control the machine,

Intelligent program control all steps,

Easy operate and control,

Any fault auto stop and indicate,

With advanced Encoder drive, keep machine more efficient, reliable.

Automatic Middle Speed Paper Cup Making Machine

Quality electronic box


Automatic Middle Speed Paper Cup Making MachineAutomatic Middle Speed Paper Cup Making Machine

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