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ZM4-1450 Parent/Jumbo Roll Paper Sheeter

Tech Table

Model of cutting Paper The up-knife cuts reciprocally and down-knife is fixed Max cutting line speed 350cuts/min
Thickness of cutting paper 50g-550g Cutting length range 430–1450mm
Cutting precision The cutting length 1000mm is ±0.3mm Paper piling height 1600mm
Max cutting speed 350cuts/min Max. scroll diameter 1800mm Max
Gross Weight 11000Kg/ 13000Kg/ 15000kg Max. paper cutting width 1450mm
Power Supply 380V/ 220V ± 10% 50 Hz, 60Hz The format of slitting 2 sheets
Air Compressor : 0.8 Mpa

Standard Configuration

  • High-precision single knife cutting machine
  • Prismatic adjustment system for paper
  • Equipment of Electro static elimination
  • Middle slitting and waste collection system
  • Automatic counting and label inserting equipment
  • Paper transporting equipment
  • Automatic paper trimming and collecting machine
  • Driving motor system
  • Electrical controlling system
  • Accessory by machine
  • Double arm oil pressure shaftless paper rack
  • Automatic directing and paper tension controller
  • Equipment of automatic vacuum
  • Operation system: LCD panel by operator
  • Main drive system: AC servo motor

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