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What is a fully automatic folding mask machine?

Jun 09, 2020

Also known as automatic C type mask machine and automatic disc type mask machine is used for automatic machines, folding masks production line, the use of ultrasonic technology, 3 to 6 layers of PP non-woven, activated carbon filter material and welding, weld non-woven, ear belt welding, printing, folding, sealing side, full automatic folding mask production line integration hobbing machine 3M, 9001, 9002 and other folding masks. According to the raw materials used, the masks produced can meet different standards such as FFP1, FFP2, N95 and so on. The whole process does not need manual operation, and all of them are produced by mechanization, and the finished product is finished.

Product configuration and features: the high degree of automation, without manual operation after control, through PLC programming, can achieve a mask ear belt embossing, welding, folding, hole, trimming, nose, built-in printing, forming a special production process is clear and no deformation in grain production, can reduce material waste, and effectively guarantee the production quality of masks.

Details of fully automatic folding mask machine:

1. the machine feeding part: the machine feeding device adopts the tension control system for feeding, tension control area can be any operation on the number of machines can remain the same, including machine acceleration, deceleration, speed, even in the case of an emergency shutdown, he can keep consistent, to ensure that the material in emergency stop the case does not produce displacement, deformation, such as wrinkling phenomenon (the phenomenon of no tension controller adopts the equipment easy to deform, discount, displacement, wrinkling, broken and so on).

2. part: the machine body nose nose feeding device adopts servo motor pulse drive system, servo motor mainly depends on the pulse positioning servo motor receives a pulse signal to the pulse, will rotate to issue the corresponding position signal, so as to realize the positioning, can control the speed, position accuracy is very accurate (the precision can be controlled at 0.001mm), strong anti overload ability (load can withstand three times the rated torque of the motor), short acceleration time (usually in the tens of mm), comfort (low noise).

3. mold materials: This machine tool and cutter with high wear resistance toughness of SKD11 is common cold die steel, is a kind of good strength, excellent wear resistance, toughness and heat balance is excellent, better than the traditional grinding tool steel, in recent years with the development of better products and more to isotropic high toughness, it can make the mold life longer, more stable performance, hardness of 58-60HRC.

4. This machine adopts ultrasonic power 15K ultrasonic welding, the effect is better, more firmly, the ultrasonic horn with SKD11 high wear-resistant alloy steel, welding head size 300*25, friction with each other through the abrasive surface ultrasonic horn (high frequency vibration of tens of thousands of times per second) and the formation of fusion between molecular layer.

5. parts steel aluminum concentrate: the machine parts are used CNC precision processing, electroplating processing to improve wear resistance, heat resistance, conductivity, reflective, corrosion resistance, appearance is exquisite, not rust, more durable.

6. body material: the machine frame adopts aluminum alloy body and 304 stainless steel door plate, heat resistance, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, exquisite appearance, no rust, durable.

7. part: the main components of the equipment adopts imported servo motor, 15K ultrasonic, photoelectric materials, Aluminum Alloy stainless steel structure, steel structure, high quality aluminum concentrate, Japan imported SKD11 abrasives, after more than four thousand procedures, the assembly, to ensure that customers in the use of equipment in the process of stability is high, low failure rate. Each assembly program after repeated testing assembly.

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